CDL Solutions 5 TOP TIPS on why you should use printed flyers

uow118726You have been given the task to promote your organisation, business, event….. The list is endless, where do you start.

A great way to get your message out there and talked about is a flyer, they are informative and allow you to be as creative as you want, whilst maintaining your core identity.

You will want your flyer to give specific information, address, date, time and offer but still maintain the identity of the brand, so that every time they see any printed material you may have, they immediately recognise you!

These are our five top reasons to use Flyers

A great way to reach a large audience:  Flyers can be delivered on a door to door mail drop, newspaper insert, street distribution and in store hand-outs.

Flyers can be displayed and used as posters: getting your message out in area’s you do not currently reach.  Get to know other local businesses and ask them to display your leaflet, get your message talked about.  Create a real “buzz” about your business or event.



Flyers are a very tactile way to get your message across:  once someone has seen your flyer and picked it up to read, you are half way there to brand recognition and getting the relevant information to your target clients.  A flyer that stands out and feels interesting will get a second look.


If you include a unique code or voucher on the flyer, you can monitor the success of your campaign.  If you are trying to get contact details, you could incorporate an offer with details of the end user, so increasing your data base for the future.

Be as creative as you like, but maintain your brand identity.  A well designed flyer will ensure that prospective client will remember you, even if they do not take you current offer or event, they will know you instantly whenever they see anything from you.  You may just attract their interest.

Overall a well thought out Flyer is fantastic value allowing you to reach new and existing clients and engage with them in a totally unique way.

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