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postcardsPostcards have been around in Great Britain for over a hundred years.  As a nation we were much slower than its continental neighbours to realise the potential.

In 1894 the Post Office gave its approval for use through the mail with an adhesive stamp.  Before this date, plain cards were already in circulation and were introduced being introduced in 1870, but although some cards were illustrated, the cards had pre-printed stamps and their use and popularity were limited.  Even when picture postcards were introduced it took some time for them to become popular as early cards only offered a small selection of pictures, concentrating on seaside and city views.

Once we entered the 1900’s thing started to take off for the humble postcard, subject cards featuring the Boer War and royal events started to be published, and in 1902 the Post Office allowed both address and message to be written on one side, so freeing up the whole of one side for a picture.  Britain became the first country to introduce the ‘divided back’ postcard that we are familiar with, also the size of cards are largely standardised.

From this point on, postcards became a popular cheap way of sending a short message and a great way of buying something as a keepsake.

With the onset of new technology, and the increased use of the telephone the postcard has seen a decline in usage.

However, starting in the mid 1970’s  promotional cards has revived this medium’s fortunes.  Many industries use postcards as a way of reaching new and existing customers from high street shops, museums, cafes, entertainment venues to high end art.

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