Have you thought about a QR code on your Business Card?


CDL QR Code – see where it will take you!

QR codes or Quick Response Codes are a type of two-dimensional barcode that can easily be read by smartphones, tablets and dedicated QR reading devices, they link the device directly to websites, emails, phone numbers and much more, anywhere on the web that you want to direct your customers to!

You will have seen an explosion of QR codes appearing on packaging, advertising, emails in fact on many items in everyday life.  It is a great way of marketing and advertising, by directing us to specific websites and promotions in one quick and easy scan.  Take a look at the CDL calendar and scan the QR code and see where you end up!

Why not take advantage of our knowledge, and let us add a QR code to your business card and see where it will take you and your clients!

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